“Every day, more than 5 million people travel by air, reaching their destinations safely and securely, because of professional airline pilots. Now is the perfect time to become one of them, and this is a great time to be at PSA. Our pilots are building a solid relationship with management, making positive changes and working with the company to achieve a pay scale that maintains competitiveness in recruiting and retaining pilots. We’re committed to making our airline a better place to work.”

- Capt. Travis Ricks,
PSA ALPA Master Executive Council Chairman

PSA - State of the Union - 2018

State of the Union

Our State of the Union e-magazine covers the work of various PSA ALPA committees and compares facets of our contract with other regional carriers. State of the Union also details different aspects of our airline and industry-wide issues.

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Contract & LOAs

When it’s time to make important decisions about where to work, pilots consider pay, medical and retirement benefits, work rules, base location, and progression to higher-paying equipment and seats. View our current contract with PSA management, along with various agreements covering these topics.

ALPA - Cleared to Dream

Cleared to Dream

It takes hard work and dedication to become a professional airline pilot. ClearedToDream.org contains information and engaging activities for students in grade school through college, including stories from line pilots, steps for becoming a pilot, scholarship information, job leads, and more. Start preparing at any age—we'll help you navigate your path!


PSA Pilot Voices

Captain Marc Gonzalez joined PSA in 2014. Captain Erin Jackson started in 2011 and is due to flow to American Airlines this summer. We asked them to give us the 4-1-1 on life as a pilot at PSA.

ALPA Air Line Pilots Career Guide


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